Swell tokenomics, pearl distribution and payout ratio

Dear Swell team,

In the documentation the tokenomic are not yet disclosed. The reader is reffered to the forum for more infromation. In your latest tweet the total amount of Swell was specified.
(50.000.000 SWELL = 5% → SWELL =100%, https://twitter.com/swellnetworkio/status/1664096883613253634)

Can we get an update on the token allocation, vesting periods and other infromation. I would also like to know if the pearl to SWELL payout is a fixed ammount of SWELL per pearl or percentage based (if i own 1% of all pearls, I will get 1% of SWELL). Is there a way to see the total amount of pearls distributed?

Thank you very much and continue the great work!
Kind regards,


yes, curious to know how much is allocated towards staking rewards, LPing etc. So, a quick pie chart of the tokenonics rolled out as a teaser will be great.

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