Unstaking timeline

Is there a way to check the timeline when the withdraw will occur?
For example the beacon chain has a page for exited validators found here:

Is there something similar for swell?
Can we find out what is the index # of the node is to cross reference with the beacon chain?

Unstaking takes ages right now, I also think that we should at least be able to see the exit queue. Also there are other protocols that keep adding up the staking yields at the whole process of unstaking, It’s very disappointing that Swell doesn’t.

No there isn’t a way to check the timeline, you will need to periodically check the ‘Claim’ tab on Swell’s app to see if/when your ETH is claimable.

Y cuando se puede ver?. Lo lógico es que establecieran un cronograma de retiros, tanto de Sweth, como de rSweth. Espero consideren esta opción, porque la sensacion que estamos teniendo es de una inseguridad total, respecto al escate de nuestros ETH.

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This happened to me also
Was so frustrating

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Has anyone successfully withdrawn the funds yet? Although I know it can take up to seven days, I am still in that range, but it would be very reassuring to know if someone else has been able to claim the funds.

Guys, how can I make sure that my stake was completed? I am not seeing this information in my portfolio, however, I managed to make the deposit yesterday, who can confirm if I am participating in the swell L2 campaign with rsweth?