Restaking's Mistake

Hello! Sent my swEth to Eigen Layer and for some reason it didn’t shown there. Can you please help me to find my swEth and bring it back? Attached screens about that transaction.

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Hi Redd, please open a support ticket in the Swell Discord and one of the team members will be able to assist.

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Hello to everybody. Please help. I wanted to stake ETN via I missed the Stake button and threw everything at Restake. And now I see a transaction on the website, but I can’t stake (it shows a balance of 0.00 and if I click Stake, it shows the balance on the wallet, i.e. 0.0002), I can’t return it to the wallet to re-set it, I can’t set the calendar “schedule” exchange rate" - is also not displayed (although do I need it?). Can you tell me where and who to contact with this question? I realized that the restake was blocked for me. How can I get my money back or a link to technical support? On Discord? I have no invitation and I can’t enter to Swell Discord.

Hi Sergey,

You can access the Swell Discord via this link: Swell

There is a difference between staking and restaking on the Swell app. swETH is staked ETH and rswETH is natively restaked ETH.

With rswETH you are earning staking yield, Pearls and EigenLayer Points just by holding the token.