Deposited ETH and received wEth

I recently deposited my ETH on the Swell-L2 page. Now, on Swell, I noticed that I can withdraw ETH, but when I try to click on it, nothing happens. How can I withdraw wETH, and how can I exchange wETH for swETH? Also, will I receive points only with wETH?

Hi, this happened to me as well. I deposited ETH and got wETH instead of swETH. Did you withdraw your wETH?

Me too. Did you discover anything? My portfolio shows 0 points of everything and I am afraid that our deposit was unuseful

If you want to stake or restake your ETH then you need to do so via the ‘Stake’ or ‘Restake’ tabs on our app. You are still eligible for rewards with ETH deposited in our L2, check out our blog post for more info.

If you have deposited in our L2 then you can track your deposits on DeBank or by navigating to the withdraw tab on the L2 app.


I can’t withdraw my wETH.

Someone can help me ?


I succeeded :wink:


How did you make it?

Unfortunately, i didn’t find explanations anywhere on SWELL about the wETH I got. I also got several email messages from different characters asking me to connect my wallet so they could help??? It could have been legit support service but each email contained exact same language, word for word but they were sent by different people.
So, i ended up withdrawing. Wish they had clear explanations.

weETH is the wrapped version of eETH - eETH needs to be wrapped to be used in DeFi.You can unwrap it on Etherfi’s app at anytime.

Don’t trust anyone that emails you / sends you DMs asking you to click link