Swell L2 deposit

I just deposited my swETH into the L2 restaking. Now my portfolio says I have a O balance of swETH and all of my pearl tokens are gone as well. Any idea what happened with them? It says that you can withdraw at anytime, but even when I tried to withdraw it said I have a 0 balance. Any help would be appreciated


Similar question. (I think the balance of 0 is correct cuz they are deposited into the L2 contract. Try going to the withdraw tab and click Max, it should fill in the amount you deposited. I see that as confirmation that it’s still there; maybe someone at Swell can confirm. )

My pearls are still there, but I have stopped accruing them and EigenLayer points. The L2 page and FAQ says we still accumulate those, so why has it stopped?

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Warning there are scammers on this site. I got DMs sending me to a very close imitation of the Swell site.

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I was asked how the scammers approached me. They DMed me (upper right click on your icon on this screen to see msgs). The platform forwarded those to my email, which made it seem more legit to me, because they came as email, and the platform doesn’t display that (I think). I got 4 in all, each one quoting a different ticket number and directing me to go to live chat to resolve. One linked to a site (https://swellnetworkauthentication.web.app/) that was a copy of the Swell site, pretty slick. I actually contacted the chat there to ask if the emails were legit! They said yes, legit. Cheeky SOB. Another one was more dangerous, it told me my deposit into L2 was stuck and I needed to go to a dapp authenticator tool (I won’t link it here) to unstick it.

Thankfully the usual scam red flags eventually got through, the poor English and repeated use of the word ‘kindly’, which is a giveaway.

I would still like to know why my pearls and EL points are not accruing since I deposited my rswETH into the L2 contract… assuming the deposit transaction isn’t really stuck…

Also assuming that the person who asked me for more details isn’t one of the scammers, in which case… ooh you are naughty. How do you live with yourself?

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Beware of scammers and remain vigilant. The Swell Core Team will never DM users in response to questions or ask you to click on any links!

As Zathras stated below your balance now shows as 0 on our app as your swETH/rswETH is in the deposit contract.

EigenLayer Points and Pearl tracking will be live soon and all rewards will be added retroactively.

Thanks for the clarification macflapd. I look forward to the points & pearls updating when that goes live. Will there also be an update to the UI that shows what we have deposited in the L2 contract? I was able to infer it from my apparent ability to withdraw the amount I deposited, but something that explicitly states it will avoid other people being confused (and panicked).