Did I miss something when restaking?

Hello. I deposited in swellnetwork L2 one week ago 0.3Eth but my portfolio shows 0 points of everything. I can see the WETH deposited.

I deposited as well 0,6 Etherfi wrapped Eth and 0,3 Renzo restaked eth, but 0 points of everything in my swell portfolio.

Is everything ok or I miss something? Thank you

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For your Etherfi and Renzo deposits you will be able to track your Points earned on their respective apps. Partner protocols are working on integrating with our L2 at the moment so it is best to reach out to them for a timeline of when you can expect those Points to show.

WETH deposits in our L2 doesn’t earn Pearls however you are eligible for a number of rewards including our Season 2 drop in Q3 this year. Feel free to check out our blog post for more information.