Eligible for Eigenlayer-Points if withdrawn and then deposited again

Hello all!

I deposited some eth in the pre launch deposit where it was locked for 30 days. Yesterday without reading carefully i withdrew the amount but didnt swap it or anything. “Only depositors who stay in the Pre-Launch Deposit Contract until the launch of Swell L2 in Q3, 2024 will receive the Points.”

Can you help me with this topic?
Thank you!

Gm Digarre,

If you withdrawn from our L2 then you will forfeit your share of EigenLayer Points from the reward pool.

Hi macflapd,

but i immediately deposited again, isnt there an exception or similar. I kept it locked for 30 days. Will there be a reward anyways?

You need to hold your asset in the L2 until launch to receive the share of Points.