Is There a Difference in Pearls Earning by Staking swETH and rswETH?

Hey, i’ve been staking both swETH and rswETH for a while now, aiming to maximize my Pearls earnings. However, I’ve been pondering whether there’s any significant difference in the amount of Pearls earned between the two. I wonder if there’s a potential advantage in swapping rswETH to swETH to optimize Pearls earnings. Or is it the case that both of these tokens ultimately yield the same amount of Pearls? If yes, does it make sense to stake only rswETH so i get both EL points and Pearls ? Thanks in advance

There is no difference a pearl is a pearl :slight_smile:

It depends on priorities if you haven’t started farming EigenLayer Points it may make sense to try to get that airdrop as well