Update on Eygenlayer


I have been restaking in Swell for some months (February 2024). In the past, I was able to follow my Eygenlayer points from https://app.swellnetwork.io/restake . But now, the counters have disappeared. As such, I have lost all control on the rights gained for the Eygenlayer airdrop.

I have seen some messages in this forum such as that the Swell team is working on it and it should be ready for TGE. Well, I don’t know what TGE stands for. As such, would it be possible to please provide an update on what are the actions scheduled and the estimated timelines?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


We are currently rebuilding the system that allows us to track EigenLayer Points on our UI, and is expected to be back up following TGE.

Rest assured that Swell passed along all of the information to EigenLayer re: rswETH holders Points and you were rewarded appropriately. You didn’t miss out on their recent airdrop.

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