Missing swETH balance in UI

I have stacked 1 ETH and got back 1swETH (tx Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan).
The problem is that in the UI it shows that my swETH balance is zero , what am I missing ?


Hi Trogloditan,

Thank you for staking with Swell. If you have LP’d or restaked your swETH in another protocol then it will no longer show on the Swell app. You will be able to track your deposits in a portfolio tracker such as DeBank.


MacFlap. I had the same question. and to follow up on the OP’s question…isn’t the idea of re-staking that you get the original (4% from say Swell or Stakewise or wherever you stake) PLUS the 3.25% you would earn by re-staking your LST from Swell for example.

If all we are earning is the 3.25% from Eigen layer, wouldn’t we just leave it on Swell or Stakewise? Sorry if I (and maybe we) are missing something.


You will earn additional yield on your restaking token once the AVS’ go live on mainnet in the coming months.