Swell (ETH) -> Magpie (swETH) -> Swell L2 (mswETH) does not show points in portfolio

Hello. Tell me why on the portfolio tab all the points are shown as zeros. Shows only Rewards balance, but its value does not change. In the ‘Your transaction history’ section it shows that I just staked ETH in SWell, but it doesn’t show in the history what I then deposited (mswETH) from Magpie into Swell L2?? How do I understand how many points I received, how can I make sure that everything is counted correctly for me?

The portfolio page only shows transactions of users who mint on the app. You can view your deposit into Magpie on their app as well as your EigenLayer and Magpie Points.

Thank you, I understand! Why does ‘Rewards balance’ show the same number and not change, is this how it should be? And the Swell L2 bonus is shown somewhere, how can I find out that it is being awarded to me?