I staked stone in L2, will I not get rewards?


I have staked stone in L2, but in my portfolio page, it does not show balance and there are not rewards.

Will I see rewards or rewards are only for ETH staking?



I do agree. I encourage @macflapd to edit permissions from configurations.

You will continue to earn rewards from StakeStone which they will be tracking and can be viewed on their app.

You can also track your deposits in our L2 on DeBank or by navigating to the withdraw tab on the app.

stone in L2. you dont earn SWELL sweth ?

my portfolio still shows 0

Your deposit will stay as STONE and you will earn StakeStone Points which can be viewed on their app.

so what are we exactly getting for depositing on swell l2? The airdrop means swell airdrop or your partners airdrop?

You are eligible for our Season 2 airdrop as well as partner protocol airdrops. You also continue to earn Points with StakeStone.